1 Jan 2012

Getting Started

Assalamualaikum wbt

Hai. I'm Hidayah.

First of all, Happy New Year people ! As we all know today is the first day of 2012. Alhamdullilah. Most of us are in new year moods with many wishlist in minds - so do i.

I guess this is the perfect time for me to start new thing - blogging. Yes, i'm in now. This new year and this blog are a new beginning of thoughts, of words, of actions and of ideas of mine. With some knowledge that i have together with the life experiences, i want to share it with others - up and down in my life. Currently, i'm still editing my blogs here and there.

Guys, let be friends. We create a good relationships here and widen our circle of friends.

I just hope that this blog is readable. But what more important is i'm not adding trash into these blogging world. haha.

Do enjoy reading my upcoming entries :)

Peace no war ! xoxo

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