7 Feb 2012

Abdominal Cramping


How are you peoples? Hopefully everyone are blessed with a good health. Well, health that is real wealth. Not pieces of gold and silver, right?

Last night before i slept i'm taking a pill/tablet name Bisacodyl 5mg a.k.a stimulant laxative a.k.a to relieves constipation. I take two tablets equal to 10mg. In case you never seen, it is a very small tablet. I'm not going to toilet about three days and of coz its a not good sign. By right, people should go to toilet everyday. A daily bowel habit. But for me it kinda normal if i'm having a bowel habit once in two days or once in three days. And this is not the first time for me to take Bisacodyl. I have a few medication stock in my drawer and Bisacodyl are one of it. Available at all time needed :-)

Wow, a medication stock? like a pharmacy? haha. To be honest, after being a nurse i get sick easily :-(

Bisacodyl works about 6 to 8 hours after taken. Means that early in the morning u will feel the effect. That's why we are advised to take it prior to sleep the night before.

Then, this morning as expected i'm having an abdominal cramping. It normal. So immediately you will rushing to toilet. And then feels very relief. Huh *buat muka lega* but today was so different. I'm having a severe abdominal cramping. Its painful! After going to toilet i continue my sleep. Still feels sleepy because of late sleep last night. Then, the pain keep coming. Whenever i turn my body to left or right side, i feels pain inside there - in my tummy :-( whenever i touch my tummy i feel pain. When i was walking also i'm still feel pain. Ouch, too bad.

Then, i woke up, take a bath and quickly go down to prepare for the lunch. Breakfast? already drink nescafe in my room. That my breakfast everyday :-) I cooked a simple meals- sardines! it is not that i'm lazy ^_~ but i didn't shopping for groceries yet :-) Maybe tomorrow if i have time. After cooked, i straight away eat think that the pain will go away.

I'm wrong. Still painful now ;-( sob sob sob.. This is first time i'll experience this kind of situation. Maybe next time i should reduces the dosage..


  1. heyyyy....xcyg pwot ye,,huuu..

  2. huish, sygggggg la...xde perut xleh makan..rugi2..

  3. kalau i tak mmbuang 2,3 days , confirm muke pucat , chapped lips... cube u try amalkan bgn pg mnum air suam , n b4 sleep a cup of milk is a must ! i buat mcm tu , n i will say hye to Toilet twice a day. =P jgn mkn sardines , xelok slalu , same juga nescafe... hehehe

    1. Hai sis :) ouchh nescafe my favorite. i'm now trying to slow down my addiction to nescafe by switching it to milo. air suam and milk..hmm, i will try.. thanks for sharing sis ^_^