5 Jun 2012

Indian Friends Wedding


My life have been so great recently :-) I did a few trip around and do enjoy the little precious time i had before completing my study. First and foremost, I had a problem with the internet connection. We going to terminate it soon, i mean this month so we didn't pay to add more bytes. If we add more bytes this connection will speed up. That the reason my blog was left unattended :-(

Last two weeks i'm attend my classmates wedding ceremony in Kampar, Perak.  Me and another 3 housemates drove there on sunday 27th May. It is first times for us to attend an Indian wedding.

Lets the pictures tells everything! :-)

L-R Bella Dayah, Maznie, and Kak Pah. Fuh, what a relieved when we just arrived. We lost a few times. Haha. The road draw on the wedding card are a bit confusing. Lucky that i'm quite familiar with Tapah area so i'll be the GPS for the day guided us to the correct path. Lol!

Here was the venue.

To Teveswary and her partner Mathialagan we wishing you " All the love and happiness in the world and congratulations on your marriage. Be happy and be joyful side by side."

When we reached there, we are definitely the focus of the day. Haha. Everyone are looking at us. We are the little Malays among the big Indians groups.

Inside the hall. We thought that when we reached there, the food were served like the Malays did. But it is not. The bride and groom had a ceremony up there on stage and it takes long hours to complete. They started at 10.30am and end at 12.30 noon! All the guess were seated nicely watching them. Only after they finished food will be served. Such a new experience for the four of us.

So here goes the ceremony. 

The brides were required to wash their parent feet. I was so impressed with the tradition. Its show how important and respect they put towards parent. If i were them, i also not hesitate to do that :-)

L-R Me, Thuso and Maznie. Thuso is our classmates and I was shock to see him there. He came the day before you know - much more excited than us! He said " It is good to learn and know other people cultures."

Kak Pah and Thabiso, another African classmate. The whole outfit are Indian clothing. Thumbs up to him. I don't know from where or whom he got the cloth but I was happy he was interested in Malaysian culture.

Where were we heading next? Stay tuned for more! Haha. Love all.


  1. wahhh, glad to know other people interested with our cultures. proud to be Malaysian :)

  2. yesza..mmg seronok kita amek tahu ttg culture org lain..kalau dpt blajar bhasa diorg pn best gak..

    1. owhh belajar bahasa tu belum terpikir lagi.. need to improve my English first :)

  3. Wahh... bagusnya dia, yess 1 Malaysia gitu :)

    Awak, akak nak tanya... makan apa eh dekat wedding tu? Teringin nak tahu (ngada kan?) Hehehe...

    1. Haha semangat 1 malaysia kak reena..
      hmm, nasi macam nasi minyak, pastu lauk daging, ayam ada..
      lebih kurang cam kenduri kita gak. untuk vegetarian pun ada..
      rasa tu sy tak tau sebab kitaorang semua xmakan pun! haha..