14 Jun 2012

Graduation Night!


Anyone here who are my friends in FB definitely know that i'm going to my graduation dinner last Saturday 9/6/2012.  There are hundreds of pics taken and have been tagged in my FB wall. So here is the story. You will find a lot of character here. They are either my group mates and housemates. After all, they are all my classmates. haha. Understand?? 

This little girl name Solehah, a niece to my housemate. Pic taken before i'm going out for the dinner. Solehah said " Auntie,  (have to use auntie since her mother is younger than me LOL)  comel sangat." Ok tipu Solehah tak pandai cakap lagi. hehe.

When i reached at the Ancasa Hotel, i was so excited to see everyone in beautiful dress with a very happy smiling face and of course they were excited too!

Come peeps party started!!

Inside the hall. This time they were a group of classmates performing their songs and dances on the stage. 

With my groupmate Dorah. We do quarrel sometimes but most of the time we are a good friends. Among our group mate she is the one who always partner with me working together in the ward. Everyday was a gossip day for us. Haha. We are not talking bad about other people but we do share our daily life story. I'm gonna miss you big girl! Hehe.

My classmates Suraya (with the headband. i like it!)  and Aisya.

This is the leader incharge of the event, Willie. Thanks for the party. You work hard girl! :-) She wear a low cut short dress with bare back. You are so sexy! I guess the sexiest one on that night.

So here are my group mates. L-R Farah, Shafieqa, Dorah, Hidayah (nak jugak mention) and Masego. The only boy in our group Hendrick was missing. we are going to separate apart but the good memories remain in the heart. Love u guys! *hugs*

L-R Ain, me and Farah. Farah ni banyak sangat tolong aku time posting kat hosital. Dah keje nanti lain-lain hospital takde dah tempat mengadu. Farah ni selalu cakap "Dayah, ko ni selalu tinggal barang merata-rata. (buku note and pen lah selalunye). Aku pulak kena ikut belakang ko kutip ape ko tinggal.'' Statement macam merungut tapi sebenarnya tak. Ikhlas kan ko tolong aku? Hehe. Terima kasih banyak-banyak.

Another classmates Nik Musfira. And she used to be my neighbor in Taman Connought for 5 semester before they moving into another house which is very nearby to college. That night she sang us Adele song Someone Like You. I was amazed with her voice. Iera, suara anda sangat sedap! :-)

Yang berbaju peach ni Ms. Hasinah, our clinical instructor (ci) bersama anak beliau yang beliau gembar-gemburkan sebagai sangat hensem. Haha. Layan je lah kan. Dulu Miss ni sangat lah garang, kalau marah tu satu ward dengar tapi tak sangka bila masuk sem last jadi baik pulak ngan dia.

And this is my housemates :-)

Another pic with Syu. I love her jubah. Its simple, not so expensive yet very beautiful. Wish to have one :-)

With lecturer, Ms. Sheila and her only daughter Neesha. Muka diaorang sama sangat macam photostat. LOL. Geram ngan Neesha ni sebab asyik buat muka innocent. Comel betul.

with the gothic chick Elaine :-)

Ohh, forget to tell you guys about my outfit.

The mustard yellow dress from The Poplook. 
Belts, cardigan and necklace from Times Square 
Beautiful black shawl from Turki- my cousin give it as a souvenir. 

Orange Subashinie and purple Diviyah

With Masego and her shy boyfriend Baemi. Baemi is not our classmate nor uni-mate -You can bring partner to this party.

we wanna have DSLR too! :-) Gambar ni ambik pakai kamera lain jadi kualiti pun lain. Gambar bawah pun sama. 

My International Classmates! Beautiful and Colorful. LOL.

Thanks for reading guys. Have a nice day everyone :-)


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    1. First time si cantik manis ni komen sini..
      hehe... maceh! :)

  2. Suka tengok gambar last... Meriah sangat :) Anyway, u look beautiful in that dress dear :)

    1. thanks for the compliment kak reena! :)

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    1. graduation dinner jadi semua org enjoy sgt :)

  4. wewiiitttt!!nk krongsang ka ap y kat dahi tuh,,nk pnjam =p =p

    1. hehe.. alah kerongsang biase je ana. pandai2 je letak kat situ..hehe

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  6. everyone seems relaxed and enjoying themselves! and you seem very beautiful to me. well, fun comes naturally when it comes to such special Graduation Dinner! hiks

    1. ohhh, thanks for ur compliment Fara! u're so nice :))