3 Mar 2012

B-Bring the boys out !


I am doing my assignment just now and having a break for a while with all these beautiful girls. Have you guys ever heard about Girl's Generation? Definitely the answer is Yes. If not, i want to ask, where on earth have you been guys? Oh, i feel sory for you.

They are one of Korean’s most popular pop groups which is widely known in Asia and rest of the world, with hit songs like Gee, Genie, Oh, Hoot, Mr. Taxi and The Boys etc.

I must admit that i'm in love with their catchy song 'The Boys' for the past three month. This song is really good. Super good! I think it's a great choice for introducing the girls worldwide. See how many viewers they had there. Are they amazing, right?

I captured this screen when this super cute Tiffany wink her eye. Oh, so sweet darling! What i know about Fanny is she used to speak Korean in American accent - she was born in Los Angeles, California, USA.

I’m not a huge fan of Girl’s Generation, to be honest. However, I ended up falling in love with this video. If people are talking about K-pop - drama, song, artists or whatever related, i definitely lost the track. I'm not up to date with them. 

But i fall for this one. It’s full of awesome looking sets, beautiful dances and the girls themselves look amazing, gorgeous and stunning. Oh so perfect! I can't move my eyes from looking at their super slim figures and the long legs so I save a collections of wallpaper and pictures of them in my laptop :-) Hehe.

The leader of the group is Taeyeon. The other members are Jessica Jung, Sunny, Tiffany, Kim Hyoyeon, Kwon Yuri, Sooyoung, Im Yoona and Seohyun. Although i 've been watching them for about thousands times ( well, i guess haha) and i never get bored but i still have problem to differentiate this nine attractive looking angels. They all looks almost the same to me. It is because of the plastic surgery? 

Opps! well everyone knows about the famous Korean plastic surgery. 
Rumors of the them getting plastic surgery and facelift has been spreading across the internet. Most of the photos shown and compared are those when they are young. It is actually hard to determine whether they really have undergone plastic surgery. 

We have to admit that Koreans are so good in so many things. Adore them. 

If you asking me what is your ranking for SNSD's most beautiful face? I will said they all have pretty faces so I rank them all no 1. 

Girls’ Generation make you feel the heat. Can you feel it guys?

Till then. Good Night Peeps! 


  1. awak,,saye dh follow awak..nti awak pon follow blog saya ye...hihihi..btw,nice story! =)

    1. orait done kak wa :) feel free to visit here again ^_^

  2. wow awesome sharing dear..haha moge2.dapat dslr cepat2..masih berusaha..lambat atau cepat aje..thanks ya!!

    1. welcome :) haha..nanti kalau dah ada dslr mari kita photoshoot sama ^^
      org bukan cekap pun..Dslr tu baru lagi beli bulan 10/2011.

  3. hahaha.nie layan korea lebih nie.esemen esemen.cepat2 buat!.hekhek

    1. Haha..lagu korea ni dah layan lama..xperlu susah2 pikir..
      just a simple update :) abeh update kembali kpda assignment ^^

  4. korea??huhu..kwn sy tersangat la suka melayan citer korea ni..asyik2 korea..korea, lepas korea, korea lgi..esk korea plak, lusa korea..masa mkn pon tngk korea gak..isk..

    1. kawan? bukan awk? sy biasa2 je ngan korea..bukannya die-hard-fan..
      zaman muda2 time sekolah dulu je fanatik kejap..skrg xdah :)

    2. ye bukan saya//kikiki..saya xsuke korea

  5. Salam si Cantik Manis… (*v*)/ / maaf menggangu..

    Tinggal seminggu jer lagi sebelum 1st GiveAway PetakBunga ditutup dengan rasminya…

    Sangat simple untuk menang… sapa-sapa pun ada peluang menang.. n
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    1. Salam..hai :) thanks for inviting me..
      but soooo sory coz i'm so busy right now with my endless assignment..sigh!
      next time ek..InsyaAllah kalau free i will join :))

  6. hai thank you sbb rajin comment kat blog kiteee... eh2 ni blog kpop! i loike. heheh

    yang benar,
    hey its zaira again

    1. Hai zaira!*hug*
      eh bukan blog kpop..heee..
      this is the one and only entry about kpop so far..
      i'm not a big fan :)

  7. peweeet... tp aku tak minat lak k-pop.. cmne ni?? haha..

    dayah aku rasa baik hg buat verification code tu takut nyusahkan org ngomen lak..